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List of Recipients


CSCM is proud of the following members who have achieved their Certified Club  Manager (CCM) designation.

We are also pleased that all of these members have agreed to act as mentors to those pursuing their CCM designation.  CSCM members may find their contact information in the online directory on this web site under Member Services.

CCM Designates

37. Keith Jolly    Pacific



38. Paul Morrell Ontario
1.  John Frantz Pacific 39. Jeremey MacRae Ontario
2.  Peter Oldfield Ontario 40. Eric Thorsteinson Southern Interior BC
3.  Terry Shein Southern Interior BC 41. Martha Watson Ontario
4.  Lawrence McKenzie Southwest Ontario 42. Tal Czudner Southwest Ontario
5.  Garth Merkeley Manitoba 43. David Houghton Alberta
6.  David Warren Alberta 44. Graham Davis Manitoba
7.  Jeff Scott Southwest Ontario 45. Ronald Pauls Pacific
8.  Jim Hope Alberta 46. Mike Kenney Alberta
9. David Fox Ontario 47. Geoff Curphey Southwest Ontario
10. Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Ontario 48. Paul Cadieux Ontario
11. Brian Taylor Pacific 49. Jason Sigurdson Pacific
12. John Gravett Ontario 50. Patrick Chury Vancouver Island
13. Greg Lundmark Alberta 51. Andrew Gilchrist Alberta
14. Jon Fisher Alberta
15. Denis Matte International
16. Trevor Noonan Ontario
17. Michael Plouffe Pacific
18. Colin Simpson International  
19. Carmen Derricott Pacific

Certified Club Executive (CCE) Designates

20. Greg Richardson  Ottawa Valley 1.  Jeff Scott Southwest Ontario
21. Manny Kohlmeier Southwest Ontario  2. Lawrence McKenzie Southwest Ontario
22. Walter Cheung Ontario 3. Trevor Noonan                     Ontario
23. Kim Iwamoto Ontario 4. David Fox Ontario
24. Jon Nusink Southwest Ontario 5. Neil Rooney Ontario
25. Carol-Ann Goering Ontario 6.  Jim Hope Alberta
26. Robert Leyhane Ontario
27. David Looyen Ontario
28. Neil Rooney Ontario

Honour Society Designates

29. Craig Rusnak Alberta



30. Anil Sardana Quebec 1.  Lawrence McKenzie Southwest Ontario
31. Jan Novak  Southwest Ontario 2.  Jeff Scott Southwest Ontario
32. Guy Prevost Quebec 3.  Jim Hope Alberta
33. Jason Clarke Ontario
34. Randy Moncrieff Ottawa Valley
35. Matt Butko Ontario

Master Club Manager Designate

36. Peter Creighton Ontario



1. Larry MacKenzie Southwest Ontario